WATCH: Kamala’s Staffers “Blow The Whistle” On The Angry, Screaming, And Abusive Woman

I guess this damning deed by Kamala is actually plotted and planned by Team Biden.

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Boy, the White House is in “deep” at the moment – the President and Vice President seem to disagree to an exploding point! To be honest, I feel for Kamala, ‘cuz she was always there to clean up the mess after Biden (and it is every single time he gets to go somewhere or give a statement) – and she got no credit for that. It was always signed “Biden”.

I would be pissed if that was me.

but, on the other side, since she has been appointed VP – she has done absolutely nothing to deserve this huge title. She’s a phony bad b***h, and she obviously doesn’t care about the country (she has never been down the border, though being appointed as the one who’s supposed to solve the border situation).

and with such a situation – an old President who’s apparently not gonna last through these years, and a phony VP -the Dem’s are in deeper than they’ve planned…

“And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Handlers now have to deal with “whistleblowing” Kamala staffers, who are coming out of the woodwork to tell the world what a dark, evil, and abusive tyrant she is behind the scenes.

That’s what Tucker Carlson reported on recently, explaining in disturbing detail that Kamala’s staff is so terrified of her and the very idea that she could someday be “president.”


she’s always screaming and being abusive… Well, the sole look on her face tells that, I am not surprised, and not for a single second I think that this is a bunch of lies…

I believe every word.

What about you?


Ava Garcia

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