[WATCH] Kamala Harris Drops a Bomb During ABC Interview

On Monday, Veep Harris traveled to Guatemala and talked tough. However, her government continues to do the exact opposite. It’s a typical case of the Potomac two-step, when you say one thing and then do something else.

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“As part of her visit to Guatemala, Vice President Kamala Harris urged potential migrants on Monday that they should not travel to the US-Mexico border, alleging that they would be turned back if they did. Harris made the remarks during a press conference with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei on her first trip overseas since President Biden nominated her to oversee diplomatic efforts in the area to help solve the enormous rise in migration to the United States.

While Harris and the administration have blamed the increase on “root reasons” in Central America such as poverty, climate change, and violence, Giammattei has pointed to a shift in the government’s message to migrants.

He told CBS News that the rhetoric has changed as well: “We’re going to reconnect families, we’re going to reunite children.” ‘The coyotes were here the next day, organizing groups of youngsters to transport them to the United States.’ Some things change.

“I want to underline that the purpose of our work is to help Guatemalans find hope at home,” Harris said. “At the same time, I want to be clear to those in this region who are considering making the hazardous journey to the US-Mexico border – do not come, do not come… The US will continue to uphold its laws and secure its borders. There are legitimate routes by which migration can and should take place, but we will oppose illegal migration as one of our top priorities, and I believe you will be turned back if you arrive to our border.” For domestic political consumption in the United States, this is tough discourse. There’s nothing else.

The Republicans retaliated. “Kamala Harris has refused to visit the border after 75 days in charge of the Biden Border Crisis.” Jaime Florez, the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic communications director, stated on Monday. “Instead of confronting the human costs of the catastrophic Biden administration’s border policy directly, Kamala is disregarding the millions of Americans who have been impacted… “Kamala’s talks in Mexico and Guatemala are aimed at deflecting blame from the Biden administration rather than resolving the issue she and Biden created,” he claimed.

And while we’re on the subject of borders… Kamala had a one-on-one interview with ABC’s Lester Holt… I’m sure she wished she had just stayed at home afterward. What a complete disaster this has turned out to be.

When Lester brought up the border, the insecure and shaky-sounding “VP” utterly blew her interview.

Here’s the most humiliating video:

“Vice President Harris: “We went to the border.” “YOU haven’t been to the border,” Holt says. “And I haven’t gone to Europe,” says VP Harris.


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