WATCH: Juan Williams Hits Rock Bottom Trying To Defend BLM

But we can hand him one thing – the ship is sinking and he’s still not leaving it!

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Either he’s very loyal, or very well paid!

To the point where he would present himself as a delusional man and seriously harm his career…

During a segment of “The Five,” Juan Williams actually stated that Republicans “lied” about the fact that whole cities are burning down due to the BLM riots last summer.

Really? Like there’s no actual witnesses and video and photo material to prove this?!

Breitbart reports that he went on, stating how “I wish there were people on the right who were willing to say we’ve got a problem with our extreme right, the people who were saying all those awful things before the January 6 riot at the Capitol. The people who want to put out lies like, ‘Oh yeah, the cities burned last summer.’ I think it’s important that people who are honest in American politics be able to hold honest discussions without allowing the extremists to set the agenda.”

Co-host Katie Pavlich said, “I think it’s clear a number of Republicans across the board came out against what happened on Jan. 6 while it was happening.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “By the way, Juan, the cities did burn, if you count Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, and Portland, but besides that, I think it was a pretty good summer.”

Williams responded, “That’s not true.”

Either he’s really delusional and lives in a twisted fact-unchecked reality, or, the more agreeable solution, he’s been paid some good bucks to keep with this charade on TV.


Ava Garcia

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