[WATCH] Juan Williams Creeps Out All of America With Bizarre Request

I watched this clip with no expectations, which is probably the best way to watch it because there’s no way to describe what Juan Williams just said…

But I’ll give it my best shot…

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Jesse Watters was describing how the show’s producers had been shouting in their earpieces all week that they needed to “hurry up” and “quickly wrap things up,” and now, after all that, they have a full 45 seconds of “free time” before they go to break.

This created an opportunity for some random chit-chat to pass the time.

Greg Gutfeld offered to share some numbers, but Juan Willams jumped in with a completely bizarre – and somewhat disgusting – appeal.

Juan told Jesse that he wanted to “put some cream in his mouth…” for some strange reason.

Juan, what exactly are you saying?

The “Five” jury was taken aback, to say the least.

The following is a link to a video:

I’m sure Juan wasn’t trying to be’suggestive,’ but it was amusing nonetheless.

Here are a couple of the online responses:

“look at Perino’s expression after he said that. hahaha” 

Why is  @TheJuanWilliams even still there? He is rude, boorish, interrupts and lies most of the time.”

“Glad I don’t plan on eating for a few more hours.” 

“That’s a visual image I didn’t need” 

“Well, now any sort of cream has been ruined for me, for life” 


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