[WATCH] Joe Biden Tells Man to “Socially Distance” Just Inches Away from his Face

Even though Joe Biden has been vaccinated, he is still wearing a mask.

Nobody knows why this is the case – was he really vaccinated? Why on earth does he need a mask if that’s the case and it works?

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It’s all political theater…and while we’re on the subject of theatre, Joe Biden put on a COVID show while out and about today.

The event I’m about to show you happened, of all places, at a vaccine center.

While he was there, Joe managed to pull off a couple of humdingers.

First and foremost, take note of how he addresses this black man as if he were a 5-year-old boy.

It’s so demeaning, and we all know Joe doesn’t believe black people can even link to the internet.

Joe believes he is “superior” to all of us, even though he can’t tell the difference between his sister and his wife.

But the real kicker came when Joe knelt down and began whispering in his sinister voice, inches from this poor guy’s face, everything to tell him to practice “social distancing.”

What are you talking about?

Joe knew what he was doing and immediately admitted that he was not socially distancing himself.

Joe Biden is a knucklehead.

The following is a link to a video:

These are some of people’s comments:

“Why is he talking to this grown black man like he’s 5 years old? Oh, that’s right Joe doesn’t believe black folks are capable of using the internet, much less washing their hands.”

“Biden’s presidency is a parody at best and a disaster at very worst.”

“What a disgrace. Embarrassing”

“What a stupid dumbass mf that old pedo is”

“It’s like he is speaking to a child!”

“That’s how he talks to all of us because he thinks he’s superior.”

“ew. You can tell how badly he wants to touch that person….”

“Looked like he was going in for “the sniff””

“What a moron.”

“Acts and talks to us like we’re children….I would have to tell him to get out of my face!”

“In the old days, he would have tried sniffing him”


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