[WATCH] Joe Biden Just Had The Greatest COVID Blunder as of Yet on Live TV

These Biden gaffes have become so prevalent that they’re no longer surprising.

Every day, Americans expect to hear about Biden’s latest gaffe, and each one appears to be worse than the previous.

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But his most recent one is particularly remarkable, as he stated that COVID-19 deaths are on the rise, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Watch the following video:

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Biden should be aware that COVID-19 mortality are on the decline, and many believe that public awareness of the virus is waning as a result of Biden’s poor job performance. They’re trying to avoid COVID right now because it’s driving the economy down – well, Joe’s bad judgments are pulling the economy down, but they’ll never admit it.

Following April’s sluggish job growth, which surprised economists and sparked debate about a nationwide labor shortage, the May data will be scrutinized for any indication of whether something significant is impeding the labor-market recovery, such as what Republicans claim are overly generous federal unemployment benefits.

Democrats have downplayed the fears, claiming that the road back to full employment would always be bumpy and full with obstacles. Economists expect that the data will indicate that 630,000 jobs were added in May, which is a large number. However, though Biden has been polling well on his economic management, a second month of slower-than-expected job creation might empower critics of his multibillion-dollar infrastructure spending plans and stoke concern that the labor market would take a long time to recover.

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