WATCH: Joe Biden: “Did You Ever Think You’d Be Paying THIS MUCH For Gas?

Biden’s latest speech on gas and its high price sounded like he was even further messing and joking with Americans…

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That’s exactly what happened when Biden shuffled over to the Port of Baltimore, where he tried once again to deliver a speech. In this ramble session, Biden, who clearly thinks we’re all clueless and suffering from the same cognitive issue he is, asked the crowd, “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for gas?”

Joe Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline, killed jobs, and made the US dependent upon OPEC again.

People online answered Joe’s question, “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for gas?”:

“As soon as you were elected.”

“Well after you shut down keystone and most drilling, uh, yes”

“No dipshit I really didn’t think I’d have to be dealing with Obama era fuel prices yet again. But here you are………”

“Does this idiot not realize he is the REASON we are paying this much for gas???”

“This guy is an absolute idiot”

“I was paying this much when you were VP Pretty sure you’re the one causing it”

“No. Like the majority of Americans I voted for Donald Trump.”

“That’s because you suck as President”

“He thinks he’s running for President against an old guy no one likes who drove up the price of gas.”

“Yep, the day you were installed into the Oval Office”

“Yes. Because, you are just Obama’s third term.”

“This guy doesn’t even know he is alive”

“No Joe, I didn’t. I knew you’d be awful, but not THIS awful. “

“This is truly a sick and twisted individual and we must put him out to pasture to save The Republic”

“Yes, almost as much as last time you were in the White House as VP”

“Yep. The day you shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, you jackass.”

We know exactly who is to blame for our misery and poverty…


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