WATCH: Jim Jordan Wonders Why Fauci Has Disappeared Just To Drop A Bomb On Him

All the fuss – and all of a sudden – he vanishes from the social media chaos…

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Why is that? Do they want to make the fuss disappear before they bring back his name? Probably… And Jim Jordan saw that coming, so he brought back Fauci’s name.

During a GOP hearing on COVID, Jim Jordan called out Fauci for his ‘sudden disappearance’, just to drop a huge bomb when he pointed out that this is 100% proof that Fauci’s big ‘COVID extravaganza’ was a mere weapon to be used against President Trump.

Here’s a report from PBS.

“Well, it certainly is a game-changer, Judy, for people who are not vaccinated.

One of the issues that’s very, very clear is that the vaccines that are used in this country, fundamentally, the mRNA vaccines, with few exceptions, are really doing quite well in protecting against any symptomatic disease, and certainly highly effective in preventing against severe disease that would lead to hospitalization or deaths.

The concern we have is that we have pockets in this country, particularly, but not exclusively, among certain Southern states, where the level of vaccination is really dangerously low, around 35 percent or so. As a country, we’re doing very well. We have 50 percent of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

More than that, about 67 or 66 percent of the adult population has received at least one dose. And particularly among the elderly, about 85-plus percent of the elderly have received one dose. That’s the good news, is that, if you are vaccinated, in general, you are doing fine.”

Anything to add?


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