[WATCH] Jesse Waters Figures Out Exactly What Fauci is Doing After Testimony

During his testimony before the House of Representatives yesterday, Dr. Fauci got his ass handed to him.

Rep. Jim Jordan walked up one side and down the other of the little doctor.

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Jordan’s main concern was a straightforward one that most Americans share: when will we be able to reclaim our liberties?

Is that correct? We’re all curious as to when this dictatorship will come to an end.

Many of us who live in blue “lockdown states” like Michigan are looking at Florida and Texas and wondering why we can’t be like them…

Michigan is in the midst of yet another major outbreak, despite the fact that we have some of the strictest mask laws in the country and are yet not completely operational. What is the reason for this? Is there someone who can put on their scientist’s cap and sort this out?

Well, Jesse Watters has worked out the majority of the Fauci puzzle – and now, thanks to yesterday’s testimony, he knows just what the little doctor is up to.

It’s simple: Jim Jordan wanted Fauci to send him a “scale” of COVID cases that we as a country must hit in order to fully reopen…

Fauci refused to send him a phone number…

Jesse Watters claims that Fauci refuses to send a number because there isn’t one. There is no number because this will never stop as long as the Democrats are in control because COVID gives them all the power they require to work.

The following is a link to a video:


Americans will have to ask themselves the big questions at some stage, such as why we were told “15 days to slow the spread” a year ago, and we’re still doing the same things to “slow” it, even though it’s supposedly getting worse?

Why wouldn’t we change course and try something else if that’s the case?

Why is it that half of the world is living in 2019, while the other half is living in the plague of 2020?

Furthermore, if things are really as bad as we’re being told, why are Governor Whitmer’s top aides packing their swimsuits and heading to “free states” to enjoy mask-free vacations in my home state of Michigan?


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