[WATCH] Jeopardy! Winner Does Something Unthinkable Live

Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any crazier, they pull a stunt like this.

When a Jeopardy! contestant appeared on the show, the liberal mob went completely crazy. held up three fingers, forming the “Okay” symbol, which those on the left regard as a “white supremacy” symbol.

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Despite the fact that the man was just holding up three fingers to celebrate his third Jeopardy! victory, the leftist mob pounced on him, smearing his name in whatever way they could.

Rather than simply clarifying what his gesture meant, the Jeopardy! contestant delivered a lengthy, cringe-worthy apology in which he repeatedly denounced white supremacists and racism.

Here’s what Mark Dice has to say about this ludicrous situation:

However, it seems that his letter of apology was insufficient due to his previous appearance on Jeopardy! In this open letter, contestants are already using this as an excuse to fan the flames of racism.

The motion, regardless of his stated meaning, is a racist dog whistle, according to the letter. “Some of the first to note this weren’t connected to ‘Jeopardy!’ in any way — they were viewers who couldn’t believe what they’d seen, recorded it, and posted it on Twitter. People of color were among them, who, unsurprisingly, are sensitive to racial messages and are upset that the show allowed this symbol to be broadcast.”

The letter went on to say that in the past, when similar circumstances have arisen, the show’s production staff has fixed the situation before the episode aired. “On more than one occasion, contestants have made movements during their introductions that were deemed unsuitable for broadcast, and the production team has requested that the video be reshot without the gesture,” according to the letter. “A contestant unintentionally wagered a monetary sum using numerical values coopted by white nationalist groups a few years ago, and while the total didn’t affect the game’s result, ‘Jeopardy!’ digitally changed the numbers in the edition that broadcast. This should’ve been done earlier in the case.


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