WATCH: Jenna Ellis Got Her Revenge On The GOP After Proof That President Trump Was Framed Has Emerged

Lawyers always keep their “receipts”… And it was payback time, according to Jenna’s receipts!

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Here’s what happened.

Lawyer Jenna Ellis claimed that the GOP has sabotaged President Trump immediately after the 2020 elections took place, but she was pointed at about this, with statements that these allegations weren’t proven.

Now, the story, that centers around a clash between Rudy Giuliani and a lawyer for the RNC when they refused to stand up for Trump and his voters after the 2020 sham, HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!

“It reportedly happened during a dinner with Ellis and Giuliani. She received an email from RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer, who was questioning the “fight” to overturn the election. When Ellis showed the email to Giuliani, he reportedly called Riemer in a rage.

The RNC was refusing to back up their candidate and their voters. They would not help Trump, as a matter of fact, their inaction sabotaged him. Why would they do this? We all know the DNC would fight tooth and nail for their candidate, right? Of course, that’s a no-brainer.”

The discussion went on between Jenna and Sebastian Gorka.


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