WATCH: Jada Is Evil And Will Is a Man in Despair

The video you’re about to see proves that Jada Pinkett-Smith is the Devil herself. And Will suffered many long-reaching consequences from their marriage.

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Will Smith has been the coolest of cool Hollywood ever since he was young.

But, what happened to him lately?


Nope. It’s Jada.

He used to be this bouncy, bright energy, who seemed so in control of himself and his career, and now, he just seems like a broken pile of mixed-up parts.

According to the Daily Mail,

“Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, broke her silence through an insider source and said that she “doesn’t need protecting.”

The insider also said that Smith’s wife wishes he “didn’t get physical.”

What? She’s the one who shot him a dirty look for laughing at the joke, and who can also be seen on video LAUGHING when Will slapped Chris Rock.”


Smith has since apologized, both during and after his award speech. He also resigned from the Academy.

His peers are coming out, blasting him left and right, and all his movies have been shelved for now.

We all know that Jada cheated on Will Smith with one of her son’s friends, and then publicly humiliated Will over it on her show “Red Table Talk.”

Now, this video clip has resurfaced that has many people calling for Will Smith to be “freed” from Jada’s evil grasp.

The footage is from around 2019 or 2020.

In the clip, Jada rolls up and just starts live-filming Will in the privacy of his own home. Will politely asks her to stop, and she doesn’t. She mocks and berates him about their relationship, and the marital therapy they’ve gotten, while he’s still asking her to stop filming.

Not only does she not stop filming, years later, she still hasn’t deleted the clip from her Instagram.

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