WATCH: Is There A Pattern, Because It Sure Seems Like Both Men And Women From The Military Are Sending Messages

Biden, open your eyes and ears for once!

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Or, maybe Kamala should listen and understand because she is the one taking the lead over the sinking Democratic ship that never actually sailed in governance…

Kamala and Joe are trying to slam some jokes on the American military – but they sure aren’t accepted well. Since, their “jokes” sound more like insults, not only to the American people but also to the military, who is under the strict governance of the President. But, when they can’t even put up with his unimaginably bad “sense of humor”, then, just do the math for yourself, ok?

Of course, the people went crazy!

Just read at these comments that were posted on this video:

“She’s as insecure as Biden, and that’s not saying much”

“She shouldn’t be allowed to say the word Marine. Much less address a room full of them.”

“My late mother was a Marine and I bet she is spinning in her urn.”

“As a Marine, I just hang my head in shame.”

“She’s just simply in way over her head”

“Marines wouldn’t be carrying batteries or solar panels. I have been on 5 combat tours and never once carried 20lb of batteries. Let alone 1 pound of them.”

“First off, there aren’t any woman Marines. They are Marines PERIOD! Second, solar panels are only good during the day UNLESS you have batteries to store the energy. SMH Third…Harris How about going down to the border and doing your job Biden assigned you!“


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