WATCH: Is the Marine Corps Attempting to Silence a Marine Who Exposed Top Brass With a “Clever Trick”?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the “whistleblower” Marine who served in the US Marine Corps for 17 years before resigning to expose top military brass for the Afghanistan catastrophe and the deaths of 13 US service men.

Here’s the link to his original video:.

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After generating a whirlwind of criticism with his video, the commander stated that he was resigning his commission, effective immediately.

Scheller was back in front of the camera on Sunday, with a new video explaining his decision to leave the Corps.

According to Bizpacreview, Scheller stated in the video that despite being relieved of command, he is still a U.S. Marine and that no legal action against him is presently being taken.

“I believe the objective was to keep me hidden for three years, allow an investigation to take place, but not to send me to a board of inquiry where I would have been separated on less than honorable terms,” Scheller said. “As a result, I had to make a decision.

He did so after referencing a former commander, who he said remarked in a LinkedIn chat that if Scheller was honorable, he would resign his commission.

“I want to make the statement today that after 17 years in the Marine Corps, I am no longer facing legal action. I could stay in the Marine Corps for another three years, but I don’t believe that is the road I’m on. He stated, “I am resigning my commission as a United States Marine, effective immediately.” “I’m giving up my pension, all of my benefits, and I don’t want a single dollar. I’m not interested in receiving any funds from the VA. I don’t want any VA benefits because I’m certain I’m fully entitled.”

“All I asked for was accountability from my senior officials when there are apparent, blatant violations of the law.

In response to his request, he stated that he believed it would help service personnel, particularly those suffering from PTSD and “struggling with purpose.”

Scheller stated that he was foregoing a $2 million pension fund, saying that the money “should go back to all the senior general commanders.”

“I don’t require a single penny. I simply need everyone who is willing to walk back outside the wire every day, put on a blue-collar shirt, and go to work every day to feed their family. “Those are the people I’m looking for,” Scheller explained. “Follow me, and together we’ll bring down the entire f—ing system.

The following is a link to a video:

But this is when Scheller’s luck runs out.

A Marine Corps spokeswoman told Fox News that the military branch is aware of Scheller’s footage from Sunday.

Capt. Sam Stephenson said, “The Marine Corps is taking proper action to guarantee the safety and well-being of Lt. Col. Scheller and his family.” “We are unable to say further at this moment due to the fact that this is a developing situation.”

Isn’t this what they did to Kanye West? They incarcerated him as if he were a nut for supporting Trump and becoming “religious.”

Is this what they’re doing to keep Scheller quiet?




One is described as a “hero,” while the other is described as “mad.”

I’m sure you understand how this works, right?

There’s no doubt they want to quiet Scheller, but will they do it this way? Is it fair to call somebody a “nutjob” and then never hear from him again?

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