[WATCH] Is Kamala Coming Soon? CNN is Now Speaking Ill of Biden

What’s going on over at CNN? Is it true that they are covering the news correctly?

Isn’t that almost impossible?

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It’s all about the horrifying April employment report that came out – while Biden is desperately (and stupidly) trying to spin it as if all is a positive thing, CNN came out swinging and told the truth about how terrible things really are – and even went so far as to say things would get worse under Grandpa Joe.

Is it true that pigs can fly?

You have to wonder – there are a lot of rumors going around right now that Joe is on borrowed time and Kamala is waiting in the wings for her “cue.”

Is this just another ruse to usher in “savior” Kamala?

It’s understandable to be curious about this; after all, Project Veritas revealed that CNN doesn’t cover news; instead, they spin propaganda all day.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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