Watch How Ted Cruz Confronts Liberal Reporter Telling HIm to “Wear a Mask”

Ted Cruz is unquestionably a legend.

Senator Cruz, if there’s someone who can come close to matching Trump’s “comebacks,” it’s him.

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He still hits the nail on the head, and this time was no different.

During a recent press conference, a snarky reporter suggested Ted Cruz wear a mask, but Cruz declined.

It was, however, much better.

After a brief spat, Ted told the reporter that he was welcome to take a six-foot step back.

Ted also reminded the squeamish reporter that everyone in the room had been immunized.

Watch the following video:

Users on Twitter agreed that Cruz had made a remarkable comeback:

Cruz has a lot of common sense, which still saves the day. If Joe forgets to wear his mask, I’m sure the same reporter won’t rat him out. #discrimination

A prime example of the left’s insatiable appetite to flaunt their ideological defining virtue signaling feature.

I like how he reacted to them.

That’s fantastic! If people feel insecure, they should refrain from attending such events or stay at home!

Who are these mask-wearing maniacs? Where is the evidence that these masks should be pushed too far? As a long-serving nurse, I was always told that masks are ineffective in public. Medical professionals and the media are to blame, in my opinion. They have no idea what they have accomplished by politicizing our healthcare. Clap slowly.

In addition, I came across this version and figured you’d enjoy it.


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