WATCH: How Depressed a CNN Panel Becomes as a Conservative Pundit Drops “Fauci Truth Bombs” on Them

It’s incredible how our so-called “media” refuses to question or probe anything that would cast doubt on the progressive narrative.

And if someone dares to ask a question or point out any inconsistencies, they wither like a fragile flower.

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When conservative commentator Mary Kathrine Ham appeared on a CNN panel to discuss disgraced Dr. Fauci, that’s exactly what happened.

As you are probably aware, Fauci has fallen from grace after his ties to the Wuhan lab and “Gain of Function” study were exposed by many on the left, including Dr. Rand Paul, who has been pounding Fauci with the fury of a thousand suns recently.

Since then, the American public has woken up and begun seeking answers from Fauci, who has lost the trust of a broad swath of the population as a result of his vacillation, politics, and muddled messaging on the virus.

The left, on the other hand, isn’t interested in hearing any of this. They just want to sit around and stroke their Fauci bobbleheads and burn their St. Fauci candles.

To these charlatans, it’s not about “facts” or “truth,” but rather about story and sentiments.

If you watch at their depressed expressions while Mary Katherine Ham drops Fauci’s truth bomb after truth bomb all over their heads, you’ll see what I mean.

The following is a link to a video:

The expressions on these hacks’ faces only serve to demonstrate that our media is nothing more than state-run propaganda.


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