WATCH: Gold Star Father Reveals New Information About Joe “Checking His Watch” During Dignified Transfer

A parent whose son was killed in Kabul as a result of Joe Biden’s incompetence, stupidity, and cowardice appeared on Sean Hannity to talk about Biden, the Afghan withdrawal, and the Dignified Transfer.

Darin Hoover, a Gold Star Father, lost his son Taylor in the ISIS suicide bombing that killed 13 of our brave warriors.

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He told Sean that he and his family refused to meet with Joe Biden, claiming that they didn’t want to see him or hear from him.

Is it possible to blame them?

Sean then remarked how Joe Biden seemed to be looking at his watch…

Mr. Hoover then dropped a bombshell.

Mr. Hoover told Sean Hannity that Joe didn’t simply look at his watch once; he did it frequently, according to Mr. Hoover.

It happened every time a body was brought out, he added.


The following is a link to a video:

Joe Biden’s callous, cold heart is one of the things that this godforsaken Afghanistan horror has revealed.

How many times have we seen him chuckle and make jokes when asked about Americans left behind in Afghanistan, and how he turns his back and walks away, blaming everyone but himself, and leaves Americans in a hell hole where they will very certainly die?

And now this — another proof that Joe Biden is solely interested in himself.

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