WATCH: General Flynn Reacts To DeSantis & Hannity’s COVID Vaccine Support

Many people were surprised to see that both Ron DeSantis and Sean Hannity recently came out in favor of the COVID immunizations.

General Michael Flynn reacts by saying that it isn’t just the right-wingers who are opposed to it…

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Doug Billings (DOUG): You brought up the COVID vaccine, as well as the lies that surround it. We were talking offline about a show I’d done with Karen Kingston, which I’d done multiple times. General I’m going to email you some material that she’s given me, and the contents, or recipe, of this vaccine is terrifying. There are so many people that are dying. The ingredients aren’t good for you. Now, in terms of individual people in television news and so on, Sean Hannity is taking a massive dunk… urging everyone to get this shot, this jab. You have Governor DeSantis, who many people believed was the second coming of Donald Trump for a long period.

He’s now urging people to have it done, to get the jab. People simply do not have the tolerance for it. They’re not going to put up with it, regardless of the guy’s reputation.

General Flynn: That’s right. Because people are discovering the truth about not only the ingredients in these vaccines and shots, but also the potential outcomes. When we go through the FDA approval procedure for a flu vaccine, it takes a long time. And there’s a reason for that: they want to put it to the test on lab rats. They want to put it to the test on pigs. They want to put it to the test on monkeys. They want to test it on animals before moving on to humans. Then they put it to the test on humans who are usually willing to help for a specific purpose. Then they go through that procedure and say, “All right, it’s FDA authorized.”

We’ve gone through the rigorous testing process, and that’s fine. That is something we have all experienced. During my military service, I received numerous shots. The other thing with shots, Doug, is that it’s none of your business. Have you gotten the immunization yet if someone goes? What do you think? It has nothing to do with you. It’s none of your concern. I mean, it’s my health and my decision, right? It’s my body. It was my decision. What happened to all that nonsense? So, for guys like DeSantis and Sean Hannity, they’ll have to make their own decision. And if their decision is swayed or influenced by a desire to be politically correct, it is a dangerous place to be for those in positions of power in our society.

Sean is well aware that he has an audience, and DeSantis is well aware that he is already being tipped as the next President of the United States. Keep an eye on those things because you don’t want your ego to get in the way of your reality. Allowing political correctness to get in the way of healthy choices is not a good idea. And before you start saying, “Get a shot, get a shot,” make sure you’ve considered all of the factors and can talk about it in the same way I can. I mean, I’ve paid attention to doctors. I’ve heard both sides, and I’m in one of those spots where, first and foremost, it’s none of their business what I do, what decisions I make, or what shots I get or don’t get.

If someone insists on requiring an ID card stating that you have taken this vaccine in order to eat at a restaurant, guess what? Regardless of whether I took the shot or not, I live in a Communist country in order to do so. They don’t want an ID if I go to vote for someone, but they want an OD if I go to a coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee? Baloney and I could have used more obnoxious language. So I would advise Governor DeSantis and Sean Hannity to exercise extreme caution because there are an increasing number of individuals in the country, and I don’t just mean Republicans. Conservatives aren’t made up of people. It’s not just the media, according to MSNBC.

I’m visiting family in a pretty liberal town, and believe me when I say that I know a lot of these individuals who aren’t Conservatives. They did not support Trump in the election. I know who they voted for or didn’t vote for because they wouldn’t vote for someone they didn’t think was good enough. But I know they’re Liberals, and I know they’re telling me the same thing: it’s none of their business what I do.

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