WATCH: Gavin Newsom Sweats In Public – And For A Good Reason!

When even math stands against you, you are getting worried, since there is no chance to cheat on math!

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And I’m saying this only because enough signatures have been collected to qualify the recall of Gavin Newcom for the ballot in California.

He’s beginning to sweat and it’s not over nothing, apparently! His political future is jeopardized…

Newsom was a guest in ABC’s show “The View”, where, as one local article stated, “he found a welcoming audience with the popular daytime show’s stable of liberal hysterics.”

I totally dig the line!

According to Newsom’s statement, “Am I worried about it? Of course, I’m worried about it.”

“I’ve only been in office 25 months, just 25 months there’s been six efforts to put a recall on the ballot. This one appears to have the requisite signatures. This started before the pandemic,”

“If you look at the list of grievances from the proponents of this campaign, it goes to our values, it’s less about me, it’s more about California and our values, Democratic Party values.”

He added, “I have to do my job every single day, but I’m gonna fight this thing because I’m gonna fight for California values and the things I hold dear.”

According to a local newspaper report, “Despite all of the lockdowns imposed by Newsom’s dictatorial edicts, the state has struggled mightily to manage infections and continues to be the worst in the nation. One year after Santa Clara County’s declaration of a public health emergency was the first domino to fall in what would be a crushing wave of restrictions. Now tens of millions of lives have been wrecked and an untold number of small businesses destroyed.”

Now, after everything he has touched was ruined, in a very short period of time, the voters will be once again deciding – but this time, whether to fire him or not.

And based on his “results” he definitely has a good reason to be worried, as we’ve seen him on TV…


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