WATCH: Garland Favorito on VoterGA “We Believe We Can Prove They Made False Statements in Court,” Said The Attorney General Following Monday’s Hearing

The audit of the Fulton County absentee votes was the subject of a court hearing this morning in the Henry County Courthouse in Georgia.

After Defense counsel claimed the counterfeit votes were already being investigated, Judge Brian Amero directed the State Election Board and the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) 20 days to explain to the court what has been done to examine counterfeit ballots in Fulton County Georgia.

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The session was then adjourned by Judge Amero. In 20 days, they’ll meet again.

Garland Favorito, the co-founder of VoterGA, issued a comment on today’s hearing on Monday evening.
The hearing today, according to VoterGA, confirmed their earlier conclusions.

“Today, the court backed up what we’ve been saying all along:

Affidavits from top poll managers swearing they handled counterfeit ballots in the Fulton County hand count audit provide prima facie evidence of election fraud.
The petitioners’ assertions of Equal Protection and Due Process are valid complaints of constitutional rights breaches based on the facts.
The ballots must be examined to see if they are counterfeit and if the petitioners’ constitutional rights have been violated.

The Petitioners have clearly established their legal standing to pursue their claims.
We’ll have to wait another two months because the attorney for the Democrats on the Fulton County Election Board submitted the court with what we believe is clearly incorrect information. The GBI has never interviewed Suzi Voyles, undertaken a counterfeit ballot investigation, or alleged that she recanted any aspect of her affidavit.”

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Garland Favorito about today’s hearing on Monday night. Here’s what Garland had to say.

Garland Favorito: So the judge is basically saying that we have a strong case. Samuels leaked the incorrect information that the GDI is looking into. T

Pundit at the Gateway: So far as you know, the Secretary of State and Fulton County officials have said that an investigation is ongoing, but you’re not aware of this, are you?

Garland: Without a doubt, the GBI. The counterfeit ballots and Suzi Voyle’s affidavit are not the subject of any investigation.

TGP: They said they did today, right? Are you sure that’s what they were saying?

Garland: That statement was made several times by Don Samuel, and it was incorrect.

TGP: Does that have any ramifications?

Garland: Not at all. Because their remarks are not considered evidence, a lawyer can lie as much as they wish in court. In any court, this is true. They are able to make one commitment at a time.

TGP: Will the court find out then that no investigation has taken place? Is that something that will be released?

Garland: Yes, we’ll make sure they’re aware of it.

TGP: And you believe you have evidence of that?

Yes, we do, Garland. Yeah. We believe we can show that their lawyer lied to them.

TGP: Of course, we didn’t anticipate a delay when you arrived in court this morning.

Garland: First and foremost, we were not anticipating their counsel to step up in front of the judge and make what we think to be clearly fraudulent assertions. We also did not expect the judge to postpone the ruling due to the need to investigate what we believe are clearly false assertions.

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