WATCH: Furious Americans Speak Up After Biden Threatened To “Go Nuclear” On Them!

Joe Biden reached a whole new level of insanity in his latest speech…

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In his latest speech, Biden crossed a line that we thought was so out of his reach… He just told to the American people that if they wanted to use the second amendment against their government, then they’ll need nuclear weapons to defend themselves!!!

Watch this insane statement:

Reactions such as the one that follows were a completely normal answer to this, at least in my personal opinion…

“Is Biden implying that if the people ever rose up against a tyrant the US, our military would nuke US cities so we‘d need nukes to defend ourselves? If so he’s nuttier than I thought. It’s also a false anti-2A premise. If the people ever rose up here, our military would fracture.”

“The President of the United States just threatened us.”

“Dude is openly threatening American citizens on national television.”

“We need nuclear weapons to take on the government? suburban moms with zero weapons scared the democrats so bad on Jan 6th that AOC needs therapy for PTSD 😂😂”

“Did he just imply that he’s willing to nuke entire swaths of the country if, say, a couple of states decided they want out? That’s how I heard it.”


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