WATCH; Fox News Just Hit Joe Biden With The Lowest Blow They Could

Fox News must be feeling the heat from their audience, which is why they’ve decided to go at Joe Biden’s political jugular.

Because they’re not afraid to say what they’re thinking.

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Bill Hemmer of Fox News is going after Biden with a HAMMER and letting it rip.

Bide’s weakest place right now is speaking with the press, which Hemmer is exploiting.

Even in taped interviews, Biden makes mistakes, as we’ve seen time and time again.

But image what he’d be like in a one-on-one interview where the cameras couldn’t stop rolling and nothing could be edited out.

It would be the worst calamity imaginable, and the absolute LAST thing Joe’s Handlers want to happen.

They don’t want any kind of interview, which is why Joe hasn’t spoken to a media in six weeks.

And it’s for this reason that Bill Hemmer is chastising him.


The diss-fest was then amplified by Fox News, which detailed how bad Biden’s poll ratings are:

Fox News is making a power play here, and they’re forcing Joe into a corner.

Biden is poor in any setting, but he’s particularly bad when he’s put on the spot, even when it’s taped — and Fox News is making a big deal out of it, and they’re going to hound him until he’s forced into another sit-down interview and makes more forced errors.

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