[WATCH] Folks in India Claim The West is Lying About Their Outbreak

Do you recall when COVID first appeared on the scene and the internet was filled with “doomsday” videos purportedly coming from China? They showed people foaming at the mouth and falling in the streets, as well as police in hazmat suits shooting people attempting to escape Wuhan.
Those videos were debunked, but they did add fuel to the tiny COVID fire that was just getting started, and they helped transform it into a global bonfire.
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Why hasn’t anyone investigated those videos to see where they originated? Who did the editing and development, as well as the distribution?

Isn’t that something that no one cares about? It was the very first thing that instilled fear of God in people and caused everyone to panic… But they were false, and, once again, who cares?

We’re hearing some of the same crazy stuff coming out of India, where they’re reportedly dealing with a “huge” COVID outbreak.

We’re hearing some of the same “mass grave” talk as we heard in the United States…

What happened to the alleged “mass grave” that was being dug in New York City?

However, people in India are now saying, “Hold on, not so soon…”

Some Indians are reaching out to say that things aren’t so grim, and that the “western press” is exaggerating the situation.

Take a look at what Candace Owens had to say about it, then watch the video she posted.

It’s both eye-opening and disturbing at the same time.

“Has this been investigated by any journalists? I’d gotten a lot of tweets and emails from people pretending to be from India, claiming that the Western press is lying about bodies being burned in the streets. I must confess that I have not conducted my own investigation into these allegations.”


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