WATCH: FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson Exposes The Worst Child Sexual Exploitation

This is the first in a new series in which we will highlight the excellent information provided by FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson many years ago.

About ten years ago, I recall watching these and having my eyes opened.

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Ted is the real deal, a trailblazer who risked everything (and even his life) to bring this message to the public eye.

Now I’m asking for your support in spreading the word to a new generation so that more individuals can be awakened!

These are genuine, and they’re terrifying.

Here’s a quick rundown:

1982 With indisputable documentation of the tunnels, FBI Agent Ted Gunderson proves Satanic Ritual Abuse at The McMartin Elementary School.

They had proof of 50 schools with youngsters discussing about tunnels and abuse when he presented this presentation.

The FBI is divided into two departments, as you will discover in this webinar. For starters, there are those like Ted who are committed to the truth. On the other hand, you have the FBI in place to keep evidence from being released.

Ted also claims that the kids named politicians and celebrities as the offenders. He states the children were pimped out

The children were allegedly flown to a mountain location where rites would be performed, according to him. He goes on to say that they discovered a satanic site nearby that had been burned to the ground the same day the evidence of the children’s complicity was discovered.




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