WATCH: Fauci FINALLY Admits the Truth About Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been receiving a lot of press recently, and it isn’t all healthy. He is slowly but steadily being exposed for lying and politicizing the coronavirus response. Worse, he’s been linked to the Wuhan Lab’s funding and SARS-like virus benefit of feature experiments.

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He’s immediately caving in and admitting that Senator Rand Paul was right in saying that wearing a mask after being vaccinated is just for display.

Then, according to Dr. Fauci, me donning a mask after a vaccine isn’t “theater.”

Now, Dr. Fauci says, “It was theatre.”

Senator Rand Paul has been grilling Fauci about masks and the origins of covid: Fauci has been in the hot seat with Senator Rand Paul, who has been questioning him time and time again and try to get to the facts about masks and the source of covid:

Senator Rand Paul spoke with Brian Kilmeade after grilling Dr. Anthony Fauci about the pandemic at a Senate hearing. Senator Paul and Congressman Kilmeade discuss particular instances where they believe Dr. Fauci is lying. This may be a powder keg that needs to be looked at and revealed.


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