WATCH: Facebook Whistleblower Is In Fact A Planter Dems Opp!

Frances Haugen, the “Facebook whistleblower” has raised many questions. But in fact, it was just recently exposed that she perfectly used the timing to incept the Democrat’s ideas in the society, while in fact, working as a Democrat’s operative!!!!

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I have to hand it to them – this was VERY well played.

However, Jason Fyk, a Social Media Freedom Advocate and a self-made millionaire, exposed her agenda in the Stew Peters Show. Also, he’s currently working on making a legal challenge to Section 230.

“This woman is an op,” Stew Peters said. “She’s part of a coordinated effort with the press, with Democrats, and with people inside Facebook itself to make the company commit more censorship.”

“That’s always what the left wants when they make claims about bias, or something threatening ‘democracy’ or ‘free speech,’” he added. “To the left, ‘democracy’ just means Chairman Biden getting his way, and ‘free speech’ means the freedom to recite left-wing platitudes.”

Acording to Red Voice Media, this is what Fyk stated:

“Obviously, the mainstream media only ever pushes anything that is within their agenda,” Fyk explained. “We know what their agenda is, it means hard left.”

Fyk went on to essentially lay out how Haugen used her testimony before Congress on Tuesday to further the hard-left agenda when it comes to social media. She did so by making it seem as if we need to have more censorship online “for the sake of the children,” which Fyk pointed out was the same “battle cry” that was used in Nazi Germany to convince people to give up their freedoms.

Fyk believes that it’s not about the children at all, and instead, Haugen is just “looking for more censorship” against conservative speech on the internet.

As for the mysterious Facebook shutdown that happened in conjunction with Haugen’s testimony this week, Fyk believes that it was no accident.

“They’re gearing up for 2022,” he said, suggesting that Facebook was installing a “new algorithm” to prepare for next year’s midterm elections.”

Here’s the full interview.

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