WATCH: Exec Biotech Custody is Taken Away From a Mother Who Refuses to Vaccinate Her Child

Dr. Robert Malone, the designer of the core mRNA vaccine technologies, was recently interviewed on the War Room Pandemic show by Steve Bannon.

Pay attention to what he has to say.

The fact that a biotech CEO refuses to vaccinate her child is troubling in and of itself. When you throw in the fact that ‘they’ are taking her child away from her because she made her own decision about how to best care for her child, everyone should be terrified.

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Bannon, Steve: Dr. Malone, Raheem is referring to the fact that if you look at where France is headed, we’re England, and the United States, you can find yourself in a situation with these vaccines. And, look, we’re not trying to scare you, are we? We’re just having a conversation. We’re attempting to demonstrate that we believe in science. Evidence is important to us. We are data-driven. That’s the path we’ve taken with folks like you. In a few moments, Dr. Holmes will arrive from Texas. Please contact us. Do you believe, sir, that we’re approaching a day where you’ll have to separate your family because of vaccinations?

Dr. Robert Malone: So, as an expert witness, I’ve been invited to appear in a court in Boston on behalf of a 14-year-old child who has been removed for their parents’ care. And the court, the legal system, is ordering that this 14-year-old be vaccinated. The mother, who is a prominent biotech executive, is opposing. She knows a lot about a lot of things. Based on the findings, she has decided not to vaccinate her child. In addition, the courts have taken custody of the youngster and are attempting to force the child to accept vaccination. The parents are so stirred up, and they have the money, that they’re planning to fly me up to Boston to testify in court.

Bannon, Steve: This is what I don’t get, Dr. Mike: you’ve committed your life to this. You mean, you’re not just not anti-vaccine, but you’ve committed your life to vaccines, right? What you just saw when we showed the Joy Reid footage at the start, this issue has progressed to the point where they don’t present any evidence. They don’t present anything; all they do is make statements, assertions, assertions, and demands. Where are we as a country in this argument right now, sir, as a scientist and someone who has spent their lives doing this?

Steve Bannon: Yeah, and that’s how they’re using the influencers. Our staff has put together some very disturbing material, which we’ll show on Monday, but these young influencers, a young woman in platform shoes, and the White House has these influencers are just out there to make sure the kids are split up.


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