WATCH: Ex-CIA Official Warns That a Large Asteroid may Strike the Pacific Ocean

My comment: I’ve been keeping an eye out for oncoming asteroids for a long time. US officials were expecting an asteroid to impact the Pacific Ocean at some point in the future, according to secret agencies and the US Navy. Because of what they knew, even retired Navy commanders chose to relocate to places such as Missouri rather than live near the Pacific coast of California and Oregon.

I wondered whether anyone was aware of a specific asteroid crashing into the Earth. Instead, I came to the conclusion that the Pacific Ocean was “most likely” a target for oncoming asteroids due to its extensive coverage.

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The same may be said about the Atlantic coast, though to a lesser extent due to its smaller size. In fact, because oceans cover over 75% of the earth’s surface, an asteroid striking the planet is almost certain to hit an ocean.
Another reason why researchers warn people about a specific area being targeted is that they frequently have inside sources who work in secret agencies or in the field of astronomy. An ex-government person told me in the mid-1990s, when I was just starting out in publishing, that the US was launching a rocket/probe to Jupiter.

A substantial amount of plutonium was carried on board the craft as part of an experiment to see if they might “ignite” the gas giant and generate a second sun. There was an oncoming asteroid that was due to hit Jupiter at the same moment.

I completed the investigation and confirmed that the story was true, and I even included how many pounds of plutonium they had sent to the planet in my essay. However, the public was not informed of the purpose of the experiment or its connection to the approaching asteroid.
As it turned out, they both collided with Jupiter at the same time, leaving three massive scars on the planet’s surface, each larger than the earth. But nothing more was stated concerning the effects of plutonium on the earth. Obviously, the experiment failed since the planet was not large enough to ignite and initiate the fusion reaction needed to make a sun/star.
(A film called 2010: The Year We Make Contact was made about this type of action.)

However, the title of the book was 2010: Odyssey Two. In that book, the explosion is described as “causing nuclear fusion, transforming the planet into a tiny star.”
“Lucifer” was the name of the new star in our solar system. The novel revealed this, but the film did not. The rest of the story is now complete.)
If the experiment had been successful, it would have shot out a massive electro-magnetic pulse that would have hit Earth a few minutes later, killing billions of people on the side of the planet facing the EMP wave.

This is an example of how the government frequently prepares plans for major events that endanger human lives without warning them. That is also why, when I hear firsthand accounts of disasters, I pay close attention so that I might be prepared and warn others.

At this moment, I am not aware of any asteroids approaching Earth that could do significant damage. There is a website where individuals may look up a list of near-Earth objects that will pass by or approach the planet. They offer the object’s approximate size, the time it will arrive or fly by, and the distance it will fly by the earth in either lunar units LU or astronomical units AU, which is the 93 million mile distance between the earth and the sun.
However, no one truly knows the exact distance the object will be from the earth because these are merely mathematical calculations that do not account for random gravitational pulls or random collisions with other objects.
a few of them

Another point worth mentioning is that the government has now launched spaceships to asteroids and comets, and has even landed on them. And taken samples for a return trip to Earth – malevolent forces in control of the US government may purposefully mount a powerful rocket on an asteroid and aim it towards Earth to cause a depopulation disaster.
Who knows who will be the wiser once it hits and causes huge damage? Any object traveling at 50,000 miles per hour that collides with the earth would cause catastrophic destruction. After then, there would be no radioactive fallout.
The object that was meant to strike the object that was supposed to hit the object that was supposed to hit the object that was supposed to hit the object that was supposed to hit the item that was supposed to

The size of the earthquake could trigger a major tsunami, but the chance of it hitting an earthquake zone beneath the surface could cause widespread tremors along the west coast inland area.
However, that is all supposition at this time. And, unless we have concrete evidence of an asteroid strike, I don’t think it’s worth worrying about right now.



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