[WATCH] Ellen’s Former Producer Goes Live TV and Slams Her

We announced last week that Ellen DeGeneres’ show will be canceled after nineteen seasons. Now, a former show producer who was fired is speaking out to back up reports from last summer that said DeGeneres tolerated a toxic work environment on the set of the show.

Hedda Muskat, who joined “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2003 as a producer in charge of booking human-interest guests, appeared on Australian Channel 7’s “Sunrise” to celebrate the show’s finale. She also chastised DeGeneres for leading viewers to believe she is a “sweet girl.”

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“The audience has spoken. Her show hasn’t been enjoyable, and her ratings have been in the toilet for a long time.

When asked whether DeGeneres’ demise shocked her, Muskat responded unequivocally, “Not at all.” The viewers, I believe, are dissatisfied with the phoniness she’s been projecting as this “sweet girl.” As a result, I believe the viewers are duped into believing she is not such a good person. The backstage racism and bullying that occurs will not be tolerated by the audience. So I believe the audience has actually awakened.”

Not content with that, Muskat believed that DeGeneres is incapable of engaging with “real” people, preferring instead to kiss up to A-list celebrities.

“She liked kissing a** with all the actors, but she couldn’t interview actual people because she couldn’t carry a conversation with them,” she said.

Muskat also discussed DeGeneres’ forthcoming interview with Oprah, in which the talk show host is expected to discuss ending her show.

Muskat expressed his disappointment, saying, “I am very disappointed that Oprah is lowering herself to interview Ellen.” “Oprah may interview kings and queens, and I watch and admire her, and I miss her, so why would she interview Ellen? “Doesn’t anyone care about Ellen anymore?”



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