WATCH: Driver From Amazon Mercilessly Beats Older Woman On Front Porch

During a recent delivery in San Francisco, CA, a female Amazon driver was jailed after viciously hitting a client, a 67-year-old woman who was standing on the front porch of her apartment complex.

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The savage attack was captured on surveillance video on the victim’s front porch:

On the front doorstep of the apartment building, Amazon driver Itzel Ramirez is seen standing by goods. When the Amazon customer returns to the apartment’s front door, the two women appear to be having a conversation. The Amazon employee approaches her from behind and hits the elderly woman in the head and face several times.

The Amazon driver became outraged by her customer’s racial privilege, according to the Gateway Pundit, and decided to make her pay with repeated hits to the head.

According to KTVU, the apartment complex’s owner It all started when the victim received notification that her shipment had arrived. When she got to the lobby, though, it wasn’t there. She noticed the Amazon and inquired about its location; the driver assured her that it would be delivered soon.

After waiting 15 minutes in the lobby, the victim went outside and inquired about her item.

“I believe the Amazon driver muttered something about ‘your white privilege,’ and my renter answered, ‘You don’t need to be a bitch about it,’ turned around, and walked away,” said Doug Smith, the owner of the apartment complex.

Ramirez believes she was acting in self-defense when she struck the victim.

In a statement, Amazon stated, “This (event) does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our items.” “These are severe issues for us, and this worker is no longer delivering Amazon packages.”


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