WATCH: Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairwoman of The Arizona Audit Commission, Corrects Anderson Cooper’s LIES

Dr. Kelli Ward, the great Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, has given another Arizona audit update.
Dr. Ward slammed the media and leftist extremists like Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for peddling false narratives.

Kelli Ward, M.D. : Hello Arizona, it’s time for the Republican Party of Arizona’s daily update. Dr. Kelli Ward is your Chairwoman. Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State, is once again calling for an end to the full forensic examination of the 2020 Maricopa County election on Twitter.

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This time it’s a story from her CNN pals, who appear to have stolen a story from a local reporter, Jen, and threw a fit-field without even giving her credit for her misinformation. According to CNN, data from the Maricopa County audit was transferred to a secure facility in Montana. They even sent a reporter to one of the CEOs of a company that is a contractor for the forensic audit’s private property in Montana. The network also looks to want to dox the auditor if they can get away with it by running a short film emphasizing his property and directing viewers to realtor.com for more information.

According to the reporter, he did pass “No Trespassing” signs at the Montana property, so he had to rely on drone footage and real estate listings to get his message out. The CNN flunky informed Anderson Cooper that there was no sign of a secure lab in his expert opinion, it’s oh so mysterious. His so-called expose showed a home, a rather nice one, a barn, and a lot of acres, but the CNN flunky informed Anderson Cooper that there was no sign of a secure lab in his expert opinion, it’s oh so mysterious.

Since the company works for the US Department of Defense, the DOD, as well as other federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, it makes sense that they would have a secure lab. While I am not familiar with the specifics of this organization, most DOD contractors are required to have security clearances, a fact that CNN is disregarding. Many of us have learnt to operate remotely using VPNs or other security measures during the last year; it is possible to do it safely, and I’m sure Cypher knows how. How is it a news story if a senior executive works remotely and securely from his Montana home?

The topic should be about why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has refused to demand that Dominion provide over the Splunk logs hardware keys and passwords that the Arizona State Senate has subpoenaed. If we had that information, I’m confident it would reassure Arizona voters that the tabulation devices were never connected to the internet, and it would also tell us where and how our protected voter data was crunched.

Katie Hobbs, who is focusing on enhancing her profile in any way she can in order to gain even more authority in our state by running for governor, has a vested interest in the Arizona audit finding nothing negative.

After all, she presided over the 2020 election. Draw your own inferences from the fact that she was the statewide authority in charge of elections. We’ll continue to keep you informed about the audit and other pertinent matters. And keep in mind that the Republican Party of Arizona puts America first.

Next time, I’ll see you!


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