WATCH: Doocy Strikes Again… This Time He Grilled Psaki About The White House’s “BBQ Tweet”…

The White House sent out a tweet touting how Americans are saving 16 cents on BBQ products this year for their July 4th BBQ, which I’m sure they wish they hadn’t sent out.

That’s correct, people…

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You’ve heard me…

Only 16 cents!

Don’t put all of your money in one spot. Save it and put that money to good use… You’ll have a full dollar by 2044.

What were they thinking, after all?

Here’s the tweet, along with a bonus of Don Jr. mocking these clowns:

Team Biden is frightened of the inflation that everyone keeps bringing up, but I’m here to tell you that stressing a “16 cent” save was not the best strategy to counter the inflation concerns.

So, enter Steve Doocy, Jen Psaki’s top Fox News foe, who chose to “question” Psaki about the White House’s “16 cent” claim to fame…

And believe me when I say that her response was even worse than the tweet.


And, if that wasn’t awful enough, Psaki tried to imply that under Biden, hot dogs are cheaper.

That, too, turns out to be a falsehood.

They’ve reached a ten-year high in price.


This administrator has the appearance and feel of a roaming gong performance.

They prove you incorrect just when you believe it can’t get any worse or more embarrassing.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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