WATCH: Donald Trump Appearing on Fox News and Slipping One By The Censors

President Donald Trump spoke on Fox News to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

As you may be aware, Joe Biden withdrew the soldiers from Afghanistan last night, leaving an unknown number of Americans behind.

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Even though we have lost 13 heroic US service members, several foreigners at the Kabul airport, a family of nine killed in a drone attack, and countless canines left at the airport, the ghoulish Biden administration is attempting to take a “victory lap.”

To say the least, it’s unsettling.

It’s like saying, “Sure, we sank the ship, but look at this incredible lifeboat rescue we’re pulling off!”

The “participation trophy” crowd, for sure.

As a result, President Trump spoke on Fox News with Stuart Varney to discuss the Afghanistan debacle…

And while he was on, he managed to get one past the censors at Fox News…

”Excuse my French…”

You may see the video below:


That’s why we like Trump so much… He’s not afraid to say it like it is.

And how refreshing that is, because it feels like we’re being lied to left and right right now.

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