WATCH: Democrat Professor Trolls Joe Biden!

“Who’s next in line to troll on Joe Biden?”

“Me, me me!”

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He did it to himself. With his statements, lies, misappropriate behavior, and prudence. And with his softness toward his own administration…

And in today’s article, we’re presenting to you hilarious video footage, where a super-serious Democrat Professor, Jonathan Turley, trolls Joe Biden on his new gun law.

And the way this guy is serious makes it even more ironical and tremendously hilarious to watch!

Turley pointed out the incident from 2018, where Hunter Biden’s gun was thrown away from the window, by the widow of his own brother, who he was dating at the time, because, as she stated, she was concerned about Hunter’s mental stability!

“It was striking that the red flag provision could very well be called the Hunter Biden Act,” Turley asserted. “I mean, this was a provision written for precisely what seems to have occurred in 2018. At that time, Hunter Biden was involved in an intimate relationship with the widow of his late brother, Beau, and she apparently was so concerned about his stability that she attempted to throw out his gun into a bin that was not far from a schoolyard. That led to an effort to reclaim or find the gun and the intervention of local law enforcement.”

The professor continued, “There is also an allegation that the Secret Service intervened to try to essentially remove his permitting information from a gun store. Most of that has not been pursued by the media, which has shown a remarkable lack of interest, even though this new push by his father addresses specifically the controversy, or the type of controversy, involved with his son.”

He trolled Biden with his own facts. This is the boomerang effect folks!


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