[WATCH] Dan Bongino Ended Geraldo Rivera’s Career Live on TV

Geraldo Rivera, the scatterbrained liberal nutjob, has had a tough week.

Isn’t Geraldo becoming more and more like Juan Williams?

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Everyone is teasing him because he’s a hysterical, incomprehensible emotional windbag.

Geraldo recently got into an argument with civil rights activist Leo Terrell, in which he essentially told him that he isn’t black enough.

That’s right, a guy who makes a living opening empty vaults is telling a well-known civil rights attorney that he doesn’t understand the black community.

Folks, Geraldo took a thrashing on that one.

And now he’s back, this time taking on conservative powerhouse Dan Bongino…

Geraldo’s situation was the same this time, as well.

Geraldo is attempting to make it into a “ethnic” problem, as is his custom.

The topic of conversation was Duante Wright’s shooting. The young man was fatally shot while resisting arrest, according to bodycam video released by police.

According to Dan Bongino, the white female officer appeared to be trying to use her taser gun on the suspect, but instead used her gun, killing the young man as he resisted arrest.

But it was all “racist” in Geraldo’s culture.

Dan Bongino, a former law enforcement officer, disagreed and corrected Geraldo, totally destroying him in the process.

Geralodo is annihilated on live television once more. When is this man going to learn?

The following is a link to a video:

I’ve finished watching the bodycam video. It didn’t seem to be “racially motivated.” It appeared to be a terrified and jittery cop who responded in a split second to a suspect who broke free and lunged into his vehicle, resulting in a deadly tragedy.

We can debate until the cows come home about how this should have been done differently – and we should – but adding the word “race” to the mix is yet another diversion that will fuel more hatred and divert attention away from what really happened…

The same thing happened with George Floyd.

I understand that this will not be popular, but there must be a reorganization of the police.

We’ve all watched as police officers have become these very robotic/regimented order takers since COVID was published, and have really lost the “humanity” part of their work. Yes, it’s difficult and frightening, and I’m not capable of doing what they do, but there’s still space for growth.

On that note, serious education and outreach within the black community is needed to teach this generation how to engage with law enforcement.

This isn’t a game, and resisting arrest (no matter what your skin color) increases your chances of dying dramatically.

Cops aren’t your friends or your parents; they have no idea who you are or how you behave. They will respond in a split second if they feel threatened.


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