WATCH: Dan Bongino Answers Obvious Question Regarding The Democrats And What They Are Actually Doing

On the latest episode of Unfiltered on Fox News, host Dan Bongino tried answering the question ‘Are the Democrats purposely destroying the country, or are they just dumb?’

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“They know exactly what they’re doing. And what do I mean by that ‘are they purposely trying to destroy the country,” he started with his statement.

“Well, if you had a battle plan to destroy the country, one of the first things I would do is separate people from the dignity of work. I mean, no work, no products, no medicine, no food, no nothing.” He gave a simple answer to his own asked question.


“Another thing I’d do is I’d cause chaos in the streets by doing everything you could to make sure public safety was in jeopardy, and people had to rely on the government for everything because they were in fear.”

“The Democrats know that these things they’re doing right now have been tried in the past, and have led to these two conditions: chaos in the streets and economic chaos everywhere. And yet, they’re doing them anyway,” Bongino continued. “It’s not like we weren’t warned.”


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