[WATCH] Cruise Liners Evacuate “COVID Vaccinated” Passengers First After Volcano Eruption

Nothing on the planet has caused more polarization and division than the COVID virus. And I’m not even getting started on the death toll. I’m referring to all of the other contentious extras that come with the virus. Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and so-called “science” are only a few examples.

Anything that has slashed America (and the rest of the world) in half.

I am convinced that liberals adore the COVID virus because they believe it was the last nail in Trump’s coffin.

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You may call me mad or whatever you want, but I really believe that.

These knuckleheads have been looking for a savior to kill the dragon for years – Mueller, Stormy, Omarosa, Cohen, Bolton, and so on. Before COVID came along, nothing worked out for them.

COVID, I believe, is seen by liberals as a Godzilla-like figure…COVIDZILLA. Sure, it’s lethal, but it’s a “good kind of lethal” in the sense that it destroyed the evil Orange beast.

I know it sounds insane, but I believe we’ve arrived at this stage…

I think this is also why they are so eager – almost giddy – to do what the government tells them to do.

So, on one end of the continuum, we have COVIDZILLA devotees, and on the other, COVID denialists… In the centre, there’s this place where most of us have landed… Yes, we believe COVID is real and can harm the elderly and sick, but we don’t believe the masks are effective, we don’t believe it’s prudent to shut down an entire economy, and we’re wary of having that scary non-FDA approved vaccine.

By the way, these are all really common sense and natural thoughts and feelings.

But, in a world and a country has gone insane, common sense doesn’t seem to fit in.

So, anybody who has these kinds of concerns or reservations about the vaccine isn’t given the space or consideration to express themselves – instead, they’re branded as a social leper and left to die.

Okay, maybe a tad exaggeration, but not by much.

Take a look at what happened on this Caribbean cruise ship.

The cruise liners evacuated the cruisers – but only the “COVIDZILLA vaccinated cruisers” – when a volcano erupted, putting everyone in danger.

Everyone else was probably just “BBQ.”

The following is a link to a video:


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