[WATCH] Creepy 17-Second Clip Of Bill Gates Shocks Everyone

Bill Gates is not a physician nor a scientist nor a politician.

Yes, I’m sure you already know this, but it’s worth repeating in this day and age, where he’s treated like all of the above.

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Despite the fact that Gates is a super-rich geek who makes computer software and mosquito nets, he’s been praised as a “scientific doctor politician” with a lot to say about our country’s health and politics.

Mr. Gates seems to be in the middle of any conversation about COVID and vaccination, as well as how to better tackle this “pandemic.” Many people are disturbed by this, particularly because Gates is well-known for his anti-population stance.

Sure, there may be a legitimate discussion on how to contain exploding populations in parts of the world where human existence can no longer be sustained, but when that conversation is led by a man who is promoting vaccinations, it’s understandable that people become uneasy.

Furthermore, when video clips like this emerge, it doesn’t support Mr. Gates much in terms of “population management.”

Right now, we’re dealing with a “pandemic” that many scientists believe started in a lab, and some even believe it was released on purpose as a “bio-weapon.” Of course, fact-checkers would point out that this isn’t valid, but this is America, so people can believe whatever they want.

Other scientists, on the other hand, believe it is not a “man-made” virus that developed in a “wet market” and was transmitted to humans by animals.

Nobody, not even the so-called “experts,” knows for sure.

We may never know what happened with COVID-19, but if you watch this video clip, you’ll see that Bill Gates believes viruses released on purpose are a “thing.”

Once more, creepy…

The following is a link to a video:

I’m not sure about you, but I think Bill Gates is one of the strangest, most ghoulish people on the planet.

He comes across as a bizarre Napoleon-like figure with more money than God and a nose for viruses and vaccines.

It’s strange and perplexing.

And far too many people have let him off the hook for pretending to be a “research scientist” or a “doctor” when he is neither.

Bill should retire from the public eye and go live in seclusion on a remote island, in my opinion.

Epsteinn’ss island is rumored to be accessible. That appears to be an ideal location for him to retire.


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