[WATCH] COVID Police Breaks Easter Mass Off as “Unlawful Assembly”

This virus has caused people to go insane.

Right now, we have two bizarre sides – one refuses to leave their home, wears 17 masks, and hasn’t interacted with another person in over a year. COVID, on the other hand, isn’t real, according to those who claim it’s just “fake” and there’s no virus.

Both of these classes are incorrect.

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COVID is very true – I’ve had it, and it was a bad case. My mother and daughter were both infected… For us, it was worse than the flu – but everybody responds differently. Some individuals have little to no symptoms, while others are completely incapacitated.

But it’s very true, and I believe it was used against us as a bioweapon, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Masks don’t fit for me, and I don’t think a silly “6-foot social distancing” would keep this extremely infectious virus at bay. These are just some of the “visual tools” that are being used to spread this “pandemic.” And, yes, I think it’s being used as a political tool. I assume that many people have died as a result of COVID, but that many more have died as a result of COVID.

As a result, I believe the figures are most likely incorrect. Many cancer patients had a cold virus in their bodies at the time of their death… That does not imply that they died as a result of the cold. They died as a result of the cold. That makes sense, right?

This is an extremely critical point that is seldom discussed.

Yet, no matter where you stand on the “COVID” question, you have to admit that people have gone crazy – and we can thank the media and Democrats for that.

The insanity was on full display in London, where the “COVID police” literally BUSTED into a Good Friday Mass service and shut it down, claiming it was a “unlawful assembly.”

The following is a link to a video:

So, let me set the record straight… A large number of people in a well-ventilated church is unhealthy and illegal, but this is safe and legal?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely why people are finding it difficult to take this pandemic seriously.

This makes absolutely no sense.

It’s fine to get everybody crammed in like sardines in a tin can with recycled, foul air floating around, but sitting in a church is not.

What’s up with that?


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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