[WATCH] CNN Jewel: Angry MN Protester Calls Out Their Fake News Live

When even the furious demonstrators in Minneapolis are calling out the fake news media, right to their lying faces, live on the air, you know it’s terrible for CNN and the lying propaganda media.

That is exactly what happened to CNN during the Minneapolis riots involving Duante Wright.

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CNN was on the scene in Minnesota, presumably giddy with excitement over the civil unrest, when they came across an incredible guy.

This “red-pilled” protester marched up to the CNN reporter and gave her the cold shoulder.

CNN and the lying media, he told her and the rest of the world, are the issues. He said that their skewed and inaccurate reporting is exacerbating the situation (he pointed to the unrest).

“You’ll be spinning the stories,” he told the interviewer, and “all the news and extra sh*t y’all do makes things worse.”

Sir, amen.

The really amazing thing about this is that we can be on opposite sides of the political spectrum in terms of what we’re fighting for, what we believe in, or even how we feel about a particular problem, but we can all accept that the media is out there lying, stirring up feelings, and making it worse.

Consider how much better we would all get along if we didn’t have this CIA-run propaganda media.

To thrive as a political party, the left needs civil strife and angst – they need black Americans to be enraged and fighting against all. If they don’t keep the story going, everybody will have so much free time and will notice that they’re getting bored.

And the media – all of the mass media, including Fox News – perpetuates this. They aren’t any better. It’s the same as CNN and other left-wing outlets; it’s only packaged differently.

We don’t have to agree with him on anything, but we should agree that he knows what’s actually going on and how evil our whole news media is – and that’s where we can all come together.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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