[WATCH] CNN In Desperate Attempts To Spin Another Bad Report for Biden

The left is putting forth every effort to buttress Biden’s terrible job report.

As we’ve all seen, the figures are dreadful, yet CNN is still doing everything they can to put a smile on this monstrous pig.

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During a program about the May jobs data, they mirrored Biden by calling it “historic,” but then swiftly followed up by adding that the numbers are far off from what economists had predicted.

This is completely deplorable.

You have to wonder how many of those 559,000 jobs were in the private sector and how many were in the government.

Regardless of this pitiful report, Biden intends to exploit it to increase — you guessed it — government expenditure.

President Joe Biden used the May jobs data as a springboard for greater investment on infrastructure and education to keep growth going — in other words, as a justification for his program. However, the employment figures released on Friday suggested that the amount of government aid that can be injected into the world’s largest economy may be reaching its limit.

Biden stated, “We’re on the right road.” “It appears that our strategy is working. And we have no intention of slowing down now. We’re going to keep moving forward. “I have a lot of hope.”

The May jobs data demonstrated the difficulty of reopening the economy after a protracted shutdown, as well as the confusing signals that can emerge when an extraordinary spike in government expenditure is channeled through the system. Despite the fact that Biden’s administration added 559,000 jobs and had a 5.8% unemployment rate, hiring was lower than many economists projected after his $1.9 trillion stimulus program.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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