WATCH: CNN Have Made A Surprisingly “Head-Scratching” Move In Relation To Kamala and Joe…

Something extremely fascinating occurred to me recently.

You know how the media and Democrats continuously tell us that Republicans and Trump are “misogynists,” that they’re the “women’s party,” that they’re attempting to knock down and destroy “strong women,” and so on?

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Consider this: the Democrats and CNN are enthusiastically bashing Kamala Harris for her shambolic and awful foreign policy trip to Guatemala and Mexico — CNN was so outraged by it that they termed it “cringeworthy.” As footage of Kamala botching border questions rolled, the segment’s host produced a “sour face.”

They didn’t keep anything back.

The White House staff was reportedly “disappointed” and “confused” by Harris’s poor performance, with suspicions that they are suffering from “buyers remorse.” There have been numerous pieces in the mainstream media claiming that Kamala flopped.

And now for the “interesting” portion…

The same media and White House that are currently attacking Kamala Harris have said nothing negative about Joe Biden’s even worse – and absolutely awful – performance at the G7 Summit.

It had a dismal track record. It was a LOT worse than “cringeworthy.”

The media, on the other hand, is deafeningly silent…

Coming from a party that considers everyone else misogynists and purports to be fighting for “women’s empowerment,” that’s quite crazy.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Now, I’m not saying Kamala didn’t deserve all of the flak she received; she did…

Joe deserved a lot more criticism, but he didn’t get any.

And while we’re on the subject of (justified) criticism, here’s a clip from CNN in which Kamala is ripped to shreds.

The following is a link to a video:

The mainstream media is suddenly hell-bent on preserving Joe and hanging Kamala out to dry for some reason.

Of course, this is a dramatic reversal from the days when we were promised that Kamala was “brighter” and “smarter” than Joe, and that the administration would be dubbed the “Biden/Harris” administration in honor of her.

This new messaging is particularly perplexing since, if the Handlers were serious about the alleged “swap,” they would use their media stooges to promote Kamala rather than tear her down.

For whatever reason, this leads me to conclude that any earlier plans to “replace” Joe are no longer on the table —which is particularly remarkable, given that his mental health looks to be rapidly worsening in front of our eyes.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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