Watch: Check Out What The Cameras Caught In Joe’s Hands During His Presser Overseas!

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for Bumbling Biden on the international stage, karma shows up and says, “Oh, we’re not done yet,” and dumps yet another tragedy in our laps.

I’m sure you’re aware of Joe’s constant mishaps, bewilderment, brain freezes, and aimless roaming and shuffling around, as well as how he mistook Syria for Libya three times without ever correcting himself.

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You’re probably also aware that he had a catastrophic press conference in Belgium a few days before his meeting with Putin.

Joe was nearly three hours late, with no explanation given, and over 100 reporters were waiting for him.

When he arrived, he fumbled the questions and only called on 5 pre-approved reporters, claiming that if he called on anybody else, he’d “get in trouble” – something Joe says practically every time he’s in front of the press.

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Sloppy, Sleepy, Confused Joe’s situation has just gotten worse.

He was photographed with “flashcards” containing anti-Tump talking points.

The following is a link to a video:

So, Joe’s condition is so dire that he requires infantile “flashcards” to remind him of all the anti-Trump talking points concocted by his Handlers?

These aren’t “genuine” pressers. From top to bottom, everything is staged.

I’ll tell you what, working behind the scenes to make it appear as if this moron is in charge of the country must be EXHAUSTING.

This ludicrous administration is eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eerily eer

Joe has no idea what’s going on…

He’s roaming aimlessly, seeking to avoid getting himself into “trouble.”



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