WATCH: “Bubbleboy” Juan Williams Gets Absolutely Pounded

Since he’s been living in his “elitist bubble” for waaaay too long, I guess…

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Wanted him or not, he just couldn’t avoid talking about the most awful job report in the history of the states and his previous Biden, which he’s always covering up for… that’s what happened during the latest segment on Fox News’ “The Five”.

Either he really is taking the big bucks so he’s gotta continue with this senseless charade, or, he’s really as lunatic and senile as Biden!

Watch the segment here:

Here are some of the comments of truly aware Americans:

Hey @TheJuanWilliams It’s not “petty” to see the gas pumps 1/4 mile from my house shut down. It’s not “petty” to see small-town restaurants closing because they can’t find servers, it’s not “petty” to get videos from friends in Israel showing rockets exploding and sirens blaring”

“I turn the volume down when he speaks. Clueless and very annoying.”

“I’m grateful for Juan Williams.
There’s really no other way to display an example of leftist idiocy.”

“He needs a lumber 2×4 adjustment. The price shock will knock some sense into him.”

“Sometimes I just don’t know what planet Juan lives on.”

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