WATCH: Brian Stelter is Publicly Humiliated by Callers During a Live Broadcast on CSPAN

On CSPAN, Mr. “Potato Head” Brian Stelter was humiliated in ways we never imagined.

Brian was battered by callers who tore him and CNN to shreds as he sat there, ready to welcome calls from his devoted supporters.

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It was ideal since he had nowhere to flee and hide while the blows continued to rain down.

All Brian could do was sit there and accept it while swigging nervously from his drink.

The following is what the callers had to say:

Caller 1: Brian, you and your network have admitted on national television that you and your network are a bunch of liars regarding Donald Trump.

Kevin, Princeton, Indiana, caller 2: Yes, Mr. Stelter is the most zealous minister of disinformation I’ve ever heard, and I’m a news junkie. Just a few minutes ago, you stated that he is, um, the stories are continually altering. Yes, his stories have progressed significantly.

Brian Stelter (host): Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.

Georgia: I was just curious if you still believe Michael Avenatti is the best person on the planet and should run for President of the United States? And my advice is to ignore whatever CNN says and you’ll be OK.

Robert, 4th caller, Aurora, Indiana: CNN is a farce, as you well know. It’s all a joke. This guy tells more lies and offers more news on Fox in two years than CNN does.

Check out the link below:


Extremely harsh, but well-deserved.

Did Brian really believe this would go any other way after all the bogus news he and CNN have peddled?



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