WATCH: Brendon O’Connell: The Private Intelligence Network of the Rothschilds in Action!

Taking a glance back at the past can help you comprehend the present. Louis Rossmann is a classic American Marlboro Man and a true Mensch. He has single-handedly (mostly) pushed key legal changes to allow ordinary people to fix their own gadgets as a small business owner in New York. However, because the subject is so significant, President ‘Hair Sniffy’ Biden has issued Executive Orders to ensure that the legislative groundwork is set to make the process go more smoothly.

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In the “real world,” this is how you make improvements. Increasing and maintaining your social media influencer business model while appearing as a political/journalistic rebel is the goal here, not an internet celebrity.

In his memoir, Henry Kissinger describes his father’s amazement at being kicked out of Germany, the nation he adored. The Kissinger family were secular assimilated Jews who were strongly pro-German, and Henry’s father was a well-respected history professor. When Hitler and National Socialism came to power, Kissinger claimed that his father never recovered and ended up working as a postal worker in New York. Kissinger said that he would never forget what had transpired and that the shock of seeing how fast your neighbors could turn on you influenced his worldview and his deep belief in “realpolitik.” “I’ll do whatever it takes.”


People have become too lazy to care, assuming that if you moaned loudly enough in the YouTube comments section, the world would magically correct itself. Always blaming “the system,” but never blaming one’s own demoralization, stone-cold apathy, or indifference. “Vacuums” do not exist in life; they are always filled. Either you manage your own life or someone else will.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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