[WATCH] Body Language Expert Discovers “Hand Gesture” Biden Makes

Body language experts have always piqued my interest.

The mouth and the brain can both lie, but involuntary body movements still reveal the reality.

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Gregory Hartley, a retired Army interrogator and body language specialist, went through and analyzed portions of Biden’s disastrous first press conference – and Mr. Hartley has some very sharp and insightful insights.

He claims that one of the primary ways Biden’s handlers attempt to manipulate him is by holding him on “script.” However, Biden is incapable of sticking to the plot, and this is where things go awry.

You can tell the difference between Biden’s spontaneous and prepared remarks, according to Hartley. Biden, according to Hartley, makes a “clicking” sound with his mouth before rattling off prepared labels.

He also claims that you can tell when Biden is about to lose control by the way he raises both hands in the air, then one of his hands drifts off to the side, indicating that he is losing control.

So intriguing…

Furthermore, Biden’s eyelids will begin to “flutter” just as he begins to lose control and go off-script, according to Hartley.

Exceptional research.

The following is a link to a video:


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