[WATCH] Black Man Proves BLM is a Scam

This has to be a world record – a whole movement demolished in under 43 seconds? Make a phone call to the Guinness Book of World Records…

That’s exactly what happened when a black man was asked what he thought of the Marxist party Black Lives Matter, and he killed them in under a minute.

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What have they done for all the money they’ve raked in? He called them out for being a complete fraud, which they are.

What kind of neighborhood clean-up and children’s activities have they started? Have they given out business grants to black entrepreneurs or restored run-down homes?

They’re obscenely wealthy.

I haven’t seen much, but I have heard that one of the BLM founders owns four homes.

They’re filthy wealthy once more…

Isn’t it pleasant? Making a fortune off of people’s misery and suffering while giving nothing back.

However, it appears to be appropriate…

Communist leaders are treated like royalty at all times, while peasants go hungry and fight in the streets.

This is a must-see 43-second video:


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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