WATCH: Biden’s “Presser” Becomes 25-Seconds of Absolute Humiliation

Bumbling Joe Biden’s G7 debacle continues.

Biden is currently in Belgium, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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He convened a “news conference” to field questions from his select group of “authorized” journalists.

Of course, in true Biden fashion, he arrived 2.5 hours late to the press conference and offered no reason.

“Biden is abroad doing a major push on democracy vs. autocracy,” an MSNBC reporter called Ashley remarked. However, the press in the United States – an essential component of any functioning democracy — has had less access than in prior administrations. And is now obliged to rely on updates from…official Turkey’s Twitter account.”

Over a hundred journalists waited for Biden to arrive. However, he only took five questions from reporters who had been “pre-approved.”

And, following what transpired at Biden’s planned press conference, his press pool and Handers are probably wishing they had just let him sleep through it.

As you may recall, Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “killer” a month or two ago, implying that Putin has “murdered” people.

Is that correct? Who knows what will happen. However, it was a blunder in terms of diplomacy.

Before their meeting, a reporter questioned Biden if he still believes Putin is a “killer.”

You’d think it’d be a simple question to answer, given that Biden himself said it, right?


His response is complete, unvarnished humiliation for 25 seconds…

once more, on a global stage for all to see

The following is a link to a video:

I don’t think Biden will ever be able to top the complete disaster that the G7 summit has been for him.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say that because I never imagined he could look worse than he did on his first news conference in the United States — remember that humdinger? And he’s shown us all how wrong we were.

I can’t believe this is the man who is supposed to be the leader of the world’s greatest and most powerful country.

And, just in case you were wondering, no one bothered to watch Biden’s press conference on the White House’s official YouTube channel.

Take a look at this:

This is a national disgrace, and I don’t believe for a second that 82 million people voted for this trainwreck.



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